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Where to Stay

My guests often ask where to stay outside Prague. If you want to bypass the busy capital and head straight to the heart of Český Kras Nature Reserve, there is family-run accommodation to suit every budget right here in the pretty riverside village of Srbsko. Did you know you could stay in a lush green oasis on the doorstep of Prague and still get to see all the tourist highlights of the Czech capital? Srbsko is only a 45-minute train ride from Prague city centre – or a half-hour taxi ride from the airport.

Here’s a shoutout to a couple of my favourite local businesses.

Camp Srbsko

This is Roman, the manager of Camp Srbsko. This campsite by the river is a great spot to stop for a bite to eat. Don’t miss the chance to sample a beer from their on-site microbrewery. You can stay in a teepee, or hire out a canoe and take to the water! The campsite hosts a lot of community events and you’ll usually find a mix of locals and tourists enjoying the pleasant riverside setting.

Boroví self-catering apartment

This is Nad’a, who runs a family-run self-catering apartment on a scenic hilltop where the village meets the forest. A great option if you want to stay in Český Kras Nature Reserve but don’t want to camp or stay in a hotel.