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Great Escape Hike

This hiking tour is
a breath of fresh air
on the doorstep of Prague!

  • 4 – 5 hour hiking tour (plus travel time to and from Prague)
  • 13 km / 8 miles
  • Meet your guide at Prague main train station @ 8:30am
  • Hiking tour ends in Karlstejn approx. 3pm

From Prague we take the train together to Černošice village, a leafy cluster of lavish turn-of-the-century villas on the outskirts of the capital. Before starting our hiking tour we can stop for a coffee in the village cake shop if you like. Then we make our way into the tranquility of Český Kras nature reserve.

Our hiking tour takes us on a pleasant ramble up hill and down dale, through majestic forests, open meadow and traditional Bohemian villages.

The hiking tour ends in the picturesque village of Karlštejn, famous for the castle built by Charles IV to house the crown jewels.

Price: €59 per person

To make your hiking experience as authentic as possible, our maximum group size is 6 people.

My name is Pavel,
and I’ll be your guide on this hiking tour!

Smiling man out in nature

Can I help you with anything?

Sounds great, but am I fit enough for this hiking tour?

You do need to be reasonably fit for a hiking tour with Czech Trek, as hill climbs come with the territory. As your guide I will make sure you are comfortable with the pace and stop as often as you need. My philosophy is to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

If you’re not a regular walker but are keen to get a taste of the Czech countryside, we recommend you try our Country Stroll instead.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable footwear! Don’t worry if you haven’t packed your hiking boots; good walking shoes or running shoes are fine. Bring sunscreen and a hat in summertime, or a rain jacket for wet weather. You’ll also need to bring water and whatever snacks you need to keep you going through the hiking tour!

How do we get there and back?

We take the train together from Prague Hlavní Nádraží train station to Černošice, the starting point of our hike. At the end of the hiking tour I’ll see you safely onto the train back to Prague.

What time do we return to Prague?

This will depend on the pace of the group and how much time you want to spend in Karlštejn after the hiking tour. You can expect to reach Karlštejn by 3pm; from there it’s a 40-minute train ride back into Prague and trains leave twice an hour. My guests often like to stop for lunch in Karlštejn before heading back to Prague.

Will we visit Karlštejn castle?

No, Karlštejn castle has its own guides. If you’d like to visit the castle after the hiking tour, I will be happy to provide information on tour times and admission.

What about lunch?

You can expect to finish the hike by around 3pm, and I’ll be happy to recommend some lunch spots in Karlštejn. Family-run taverns are a big part of Czech village life!


To check availability or to book a hike, drop us a line at info@czechtrek.eu

Please note we have limited dates available for the 2019 season.