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In my previous post I gave general tips on how to hike in the Czech Republic. So now we are all set for a hike! One of the most popular hiking roundtrips is the Velká Amerika hiking trail from Karlštejn. This hiking loop to “Big America” quarry is 14 km long and should take up to 5 hours. In this example, I would like to show how hiking trails are marked and where to look for them on a hike. So let’s go!

The beginning of the trail is in front of the train station in Karlštejn. When you come out of the train station and turn right look out for the hiking signpost. This shows the direction and distance in kilometers to Karlštejn village (“obec”) and Karlštejn castle (“hrad”). “Dále po červené” (continue on the red) here means you follow the yellow trail to the village, then turn onto the red hiking trail to get to the castle itself.

We start off by following the yellow hiking trail.

Yellow trail marker on a tree

Do not forget to turn left at the end of the road.

Karlštejn castle is one of the most impressive castles in the Czech Republic. But of course, confirmation of this information could be weather dependent.

Karlstejn castle in a fog

Arriving to the hiking trail crossroad called Dub u Sedmi Bratří (Seven brothers’ oak). To do a round trip, we start our loop here. We’ll head for Mořina then onto Velká Amerika, Malá Amerika and back to Karlštejn via this big old oak.

Hiking trail crossroad

We take the blue hiking trail to the village of Mořina.

Another hiking trail crossroad in the village of Mořina.

Hiking signpost in Morina

We turn left…..and this hiking trail is getting better! Pivo means beer!

The sign says it is open!

Well, we’re on a hike so we cannot afford to get buckled like this guy. Let’s keep going!

So the yellow trail it is…

And here we go. Well, this is our destination. It looks quite disappointing at first sight…

Velka Amerika

…however if we keep going for another few meters, views over this quarry are truly breathtaking.

Velka Amerika

The yellow marker leads us along the edge of this quarry through little woods and meadows…

to another quarry called Lom politických vězňů (Political prisoners quarry) and Mexiko quarry…

and then Malá Amerika (Little America) quarry.

Mala Amerika

Another hiking trail crossroad showing you the path through a wooded area back to Karlštejn.

Hiking posts to Karlstejn


This is such a popular trail it is lovely to see it at this time of year when there are not so many hikers. Keep in mind that in the summer and at weekends it can get really busy.

So now you know how to follow the Czech system of trail markers! Last time I told you how to plan a hike in the Czech Republic, and I have also told you why you have to visit Karlštejn. So now you are all set to go hiking in Czechia!


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