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At the heart of Český Kras nature reserve

More than six years ago, I moved with my wife from the centre of Prague to a little village outside the city. I never thought I would choose to live in the Bohemian Karst, an area so close to the Czech capital. Well, the classical hero from that nineties American movie compares life to a chocolate box. Not being able to cope with certain chocolate fillings, I have to think twice about every pick from the box I make. And so far it has turned out that I am the last who could complain about the chocolate quality being served to me.

The lake at the place of a former quarrz

Malá Amerika

I was born and grew up far from the Bohemian Karst, in the western part of the Czech Republic. In the area called the spa triangle, where due to tectonic fractures natural and thermal springs are coming up to the earth’s surface with an abundance rare for central Europe. I started hiking through that wet and forested land in my teens. Discoveries about the hill behind the hill I had climbed before, creeks in more distant valleys, tree species older than those ones I saw on my last hikes were filling me with vibes of endless adventures. With every other hike I was nailing down my persuasion that my future life will be connected with this region till the end of my days.

Granite rocks in western Bohemia

Rocks in Slavkovský les nature reserve in western Bohemia

But it seems to me that at the same time I must have started making my pickings somehow from a different chocolate box. Twenty years later, I am settled down near the big city. In the heart of the Bohemian Karst (Český Kras in Czech) nature reserve. My hiking steps here are no longer accompanied by splashing sounds of bog mosses, but the sound of dry stone debris is what I am used to now. It seems that water is scarce here. But still, the Bohemian Karst is the land which has been modeled by water in a way not seen anywhere else in the Czech Republic.

Since the first moments I moved here, I was stunned by breathtaking natural scenery. Caves, gorges, limestone cliffs and deep rugged valleys were to be my new home. And all this in such abundance, that after six whole years of wandering through this area, I still feel like I am at the beginning of my discoveries. Whenever I come across something new on a hike here, it is not enough to see it just once; I always have to come back and see it again.

During my future posts, I will try to outline the natural forces which created through history the type of landscape I fell in love with so easily and what makes Bohemian Karst so special in my eyes. So if anything is unclear, or shall you need further explanations, do not hesitate to comment and I will be happy to reply.