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Meet your friendly local guide!

Hello! My name is Pavel and I’m a local guide in Český Kras nature reserve. The outdoors is my happy place! After years of living abroad and travelling the world I’m now lucky enough to live with my wife and two adorable children in this beautiful corner of the Czech Republic. When we first moved to Český Kras nature reserve I began taking friends and family on hikes to show them around. They loved it, and I loved sharing this slice of life with them. I wanted to make the experience accessible to more visitors to this country. That’s when I decided to become a local guide and host hiking tours.

Why I started Czech Trek

I started Czech Trek to help more international visitors enjoy a day outdoors just like the locals, surrounded by the simple pleasures of nature, using your two feet to get around. We’re a small family run business, and for me it’s a slow travel dream come true! I love that I can take the time to get to know my guests as we hike, that I can keep the pace relaxed and the group sizes small. There’s plenty of time to chat with everybody, and I thrive on hearing and seeing how much people are enjoying it.

It’s in our Nature

I have Masters degrees in Forestry and Environmental Engineering, but honestly I think nature has taught me more than I even realize. Nature is where we all come from and we’re all connected to it. I believe everyone can benefit from getting back to nature, even just for a few hours. Whatever you want from a hike with a local guide, a day outdoors gives you the space to slow down, catch your breath, and reconnect with the world around you, and with yourself.

I can’t wait to show you around!

Having Pavel guide us through the Czech countryside was probably one of the highlights of my vacation to Prague. Pavel is like an encyclopedia of knowledge about the geology and wildlife of the Czech landscape and its evolution throughout history.



Local guide in a straw hat, smiling. He is sitting on a bench by a hiking trail
Local guide Pavel and a happy group of hikers seated in a beer garden, raising their pints of beer in a toast
Local guide Pavel poses with hikers at a lookout above the Berounka River valley
Local guide Pavel and a happy group of hikers seated in a beer garden, raising their glasses in a toast
Czech Trekkers take a selfie break with local guide Pavel at a viewpoint over the river
Smiling hikers pose with local guide Pavel, forest-covered hills in the background